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Boku No Hero — kid enters an academy to learn how to control gifted godlike power

One Punch Man — a warm, clever story of Saitama, a bored hero who can punch out a meteor

Promised Neverland — a gut-wrenching story of orphans being grown as demon food


Chiron — the wounded healer that unlocks a cosmic talent

Saturn — the Grim Reaper that heralds the closing of a cycle


Finding value in odds — estimate chances better than bookies to beat them

Emotions and budget — overcoming wishful thinking and impulsive monetary spending decisions

How to quit — select a few teams and bet only on them


Belly fat — symptom of liver malfunction caused by excess dietary toxins

Concussion — cumulative head trauma that can cause amnesia and change the person completely

Earwax — sticky protector of the inner ear prone to petrification

Hand tingles — effects of long-term pressure on the ulnar nerve

Lower jaw — keep your mouth shut for clean air and potential correction of misaligned teeth

Stress — natural bodily response to perceived mortal danger

Marathon exertion — your body is designed to endure

Neck spine — breaking point for the person's will


Demon Cycle — majestic first book about punching demons into a pulp becomes a femnazi pregnancy fantasy

Red Rising — weird quasi-Roman sci-fi series of rebellion on Mars

Wheel of Time — a mind-bogglingly large fantasy series that should not be read without a glossary


Dopamine — a straight man looking at an ugly woman loses the will to live

Civil liberties

Dealing with cops — quiet around professionals who pin crimes on whoever comes their way

Hate speech — shouting controversial ideas off the shoulders of literary giants

Justice — exact measurement and Christ-like correction of wrongs

Petitions — the universal, limitless right to complain analyzed by region and time period


Valentina Petrović


Article 11 & 13 — how EU is trying to curb US tech giants through legislation

COPPA — how Google tried to dance around child privacy laws by burdening Youtube creators

Firefox — struggling to analyze the mountains of code

GDPR explained — how EU legislators tried to shut down third-party tracker cookies

LUN whitepaper — exchange of comedy gold on the mockchain

Obfuscated content — how websites hide short text articles behind massive walls of code

Social media — the perfect online representation of socialist societies

Terms of service — eternally shifting one-sided agreement that constricts the user

Tesla car — attaching a car to a computer creates a huge mess

Website builders — getting a website started from scratch


Trench Warfare strategy gamette — realistic simulation of WWI


Alkaline diet — making life more difficult for pesky microorganisms

Calories — a mechanistic view of foodstuffs that only counts their ability to generate heat through literally burning

Edible seed oils — processed seed oils quickly turn rancid, becoming toxic and carcinogenic even during production

Weight loss — aromatic spices curb appetite and reverse obesity-related organ changes


Heuristic — an automatic process of discovery and decision making that determines all we do

Endorsed websites

Homo ludens — playful human who built a power plant in Chilean jungle

Fabien Sanglard — French software engineer with a clean website

Jeff Huang — manifesto for preserving content on the web

Wolfgang Wodarg — German doctor delivering facts on the COVID-19 pandemic


Unrealistic movie tropes — silly, harmful or plain wrong ideas movies keep repeating


Focus your investments — avoid having your budget slowly bleed out

Cutting expenses — how I tried to cut my food expenses by 71.4% but failed a week in

Paying big — paying in advance and as a lump sum often gives a discount

Game of Thrones

Season 1 synopsis

S1E6 — A Golden Crown

S1E7 — You Win or You Die

S1E8 — The Pointy End

S1E9 — Baelor

S1E10 - Fire and Blood


Borderlands GOTY — floaty cell-shaded FPS with RPG elements

Grim Dawn — Diablo wannabe that largely favors melee builds

Hearthstone — testing Hotjar script

Noita — fun sandbox experience that lacks proper game mechanics

They Are Billions — a janky jewel with three facets: RTS, TBS, and TD


Coronavirus — a common cold virus used to consolidate political power and traumatize the public in 2020

Self-care – provide immediate care and shock relief to yourself when injured or distressed

Glasses maintenance — wipe glasses when they get wet or they will develop permanent scratches due to limescale

Orthopedic shoes — getting support for the inner arches of feet relieves tremendous pressure

Pneumonia — low-level killer that follows us around but doctors will not treat until critical

Sleep schedule — fixing a messed up circadian cycle through late-night light avoidance


Textbroker — for US writers with great grammar who know AP style

Renting — rent out your consoles or other devices for quick cash


Jokes — tidbits of wit for your delight

Onomatopoeia — a list of English words that have to do with mimicking sounds


Anxiety — when the secondary brain in the stomach goes rogue and sees danger everywhere

Clickbait — how your mind can be hijacked with strong words and emotional pictures

Correcting others — unhealthy obsession with perfection in others is an excuse for domination through stunting their growth

Demoralization — subordination through hyper-consumerism

Doubling down — adding more power to a bad solution makes it worse

Eye contact — eye movement reveals brain activity direction and levels

Inner satisfaction — dwell in a mental and emotional place where nothing can perturb it

Joy — do whatever gives you joy

Life purpose — finding a meaningful end to your existence

Managerial jargon — saying a whole lot of nothing to shed responsibility

Megalomania — delusions of grandeur, power and wealth

Mental illness — everyone is crazy except you

Narcissism — getting stuck between loving yourself and loving the world

Play — essential bonding activity that is both planned and spontaneous

Psychopathy — insatiable lust for power that ignores human cries for help or mercy

Scientific method — how to observe, record and transmit data with skepticism and without moral judgment

True happiness — when all the negativity fades away, what remains is true happiness

Quotes — what extraordinary people have to say about life

Wishful thinking — how brain incorrectly understands probability


Angel Has Fallen (2019) — tons of action but a poor lead make it a 7/10

Avengers: Endgame (2019) — poor humor and time travel make it an 8/10

Don't Breathe 2 — a touching but overly dark action flick with horror elements is a 9/10 movie

Dr. Strange 2 (2022) — Sam Raimi's masterpiece that pays off for Evil Dead lovers in spades in the last half hour is 50/10

Hobbs and Shaw (2019) — amazing buddy action and a trainwreck ending make it a 9/10

Crawl (2019) — strong female lead and brutal dismemberment make it a 9/10

Downsizing (2017) — a cruelly retarded movie with a forced political message rightfully deserves a -4,500/10

Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) — forced Chinese plots and aged out Stallone make it a 7/10

Jack Reacher (2012) — thank God this isn't a cinematic universe since it's a 5/10

Waterloo (1970) — an old-school war epic of Napoleon's defeat with 20,000 stuntmen is a 10/10


Being ignored — those who ignore you think you are mentally ill

Cliques — tiny, exclusive groups rule everything

Crummy partners — associating with crummy people can make you miserable

Defeating strawmen — avoid emotional debates that leave you humiliated and drained

Emancipation — liberating oneself from the absolute power of a father figure

False time constraint — cutting through dead silence and awkward conversations

Friendliness — weakness in front of strangers but strength in front of acquaintances

Gossip — avoid people who spread gossip as if your life depends on it

Growing together — ideal relationship fosters mutual growth

Intimacy — proper removal of distance between people requires care

Making girls flee — closet lesbians may flee from an approaching man if they fear being outed

Malice — when signs of malice appear, consider them seriously and treat the originator as life-threatening

Popularity — the innate desire to belong that squelches our unique talents and personality

True love — one who loves you will not allow you to suffer


Trapped teachers — school is a prison for them as well as for pupils


Rome (2005) — down-to-earth account of Caesar's death

Cobra Kai (2018) — revamp of the Karate Kid series, with emphasis on the villain

Disenchantment (2018) — medieval teenage girl drama Futurama ripoff that suddenly picks up

Peaky Blinders — a 20th century English gang's turf war

Star Trek Discovery — a feeble attempt to cash in on the Star Trek name and milk the nostalgic fans

The Orville

The Boys — satire of superhero shows

The Last Kingdom — medieval tale of Vikings struggling to survive and thrive

Stefan Molyneux

UPB — universally preferable behavior, book review, and analysis of the terms


Braindead habits — easily repeatable, low-effort habits lead to success

Dealing with isolation — extreme success can make a person outpace its environment

Hyper-productivity — capitalism rewards excessive producers regardless of the actual product

Lead generation — constantly create many more opportunities than you could ever use

Personal branding — imparting your philosophy onto your content delivered through your platform

Personal platform — your own corner of the internet to which you funnel your audience


JSS score, the almighty Upwork algorithm — how to work with rather than against it


Adverbs — augmentations of verbs pedants love to hate